People are often unaware of their in-built, natural resilience. We forget we have it and don’t realise our true potential. 

Some people engage with a personal trainer to build their physical fitness and I will help you improve your psychological and mental fitness.

Help you regain control of your emotions, eliminate your stress, anxiety or worry and develop bulletproof confidence. I will share with you my knowledge and expertise in this understanding about our human experience.

Through your own transformational realisation you will…

eliminate the stress, anxiety or worry troubling you;

come to understand that your mental health and wellbeing is innate;

strengthen your resilience and be more able to cope with whatever life throws your way.

image of a bend in the River Tyne

Being human, we are only ever a thought away from feeling happy

Often, we search for happiness ‘outside’ of ourselves. We hope a new car or job or home, even a new relationship, will make us happy, or at least happier.

I will help you gain an understanding of the true nature of our human experience and how life works. Working with you, I will help you find the answers you seek.

Understanding the true nature of our human experience helps us realise that real happiness comes from within us. It comes from the same ‘spark’ within each and every human being and that unites us all.

This understanding is both simple and powerful. When we understand how something works, we can get the best out of it. 

image of Newburn Bridge

The more simple something is, the easier it is to understand and to implement. Our desired outcomes become more achievable.

Just like finding your balance when learning to ride a bike, once you have this understanding you can never lose it.

Think of the refreshing feeling of relaxation you experience when you are at your favourite holiday destination with your favourite person.

Imagine feeling free of stress, of anxiety, of worry.

Value isn’t in how complex something is or how many ‘hoops’ we have to jump through. The true value of anything is in the results it delivers for us.

This understanding is transforming the lives of people around the world and it can transform yours too.


All this from confidential, informal, person-to-person conversation?


The time and energy you give to your journey of transformation could be your wisest investment yet.

You will reap the rewards and move ever closer towards the life you wish to live. 

This understanding will also impact positively on your family and friends.

They will see the change in you and ask how you did it.

Confidential, informal, person-to-person conversation really is all it takes to start you off on your journey of transformation:

Transforming your thinking.
Transforming your life.
Transforming you.

image of a tree near Blaydon railway station

Plant the seeds now that your future self will harvest.
The seeds that will grow the inner peace and the calm thinking your present self seeks.

At this point, you have two options:

  1. Continue doing, thinking and feeling the same as you have been, staying in the same situation as you are.


  2. Decide that this really is your time to shine.
    Time to invest in yourself and make a commitment to your future self by starting your journey of transformation now.

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This is YOUR time to make a change, take that first step and start your journey.