According to, these are the ‘10-most-stressful-life-events’:

  1) Death of a loved one

  2) Separation or divorce

  3) Getting married

  4) Starting a new job

  5) Workplace stressors

  6) Financial problems

  7) Moving to a new home

  8) Chronic illness or injury

  9) Retirement

10) Transitioning to adulthood

Reflecting upon these I find I have experienced nine of the ten. I have sat with close relatives and with strangers as they departed this life and I have lost a loved one and also a friend to suicide.

Although difficult at the time, the lessons those nine events taught me have stood me in good stead and strengthened me.

Further self-reflection reveals an obvious innate desire to be of service and to help others. My thirty years serving the NHS, twenty six as a Registered General Nurse, are testament to the fact I have always been a ‘people person’.

The public speaking I continue to conduct in charitable support of churches across the North East is further evidence of my passion for helping others.

In all my endeavours, I have established a reputation for being friendly, reliable and trustworthy.

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These qualities are eminently transferrable to the latest incarnation of my efforts to help others, the transformational coaching of which I am now an exponent.

I am passionate about supporting people to be the best they can be. No matter what is troubling you, I can assure you of confidentiality in delivering the support you require.

Geographical distance is not a barrier to helping you transform your life. If necessary, the help and support I offer can be delivered via online facilities such as ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’. 

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